Entry #3

Back once more!

2015-10-24 14:49:19 by DragoonFenix15

Real-life careers have been keeping me very busy, but I've managed to produce a few more cartoons over the last year. I'll finally be uploading them to NG this weekend - in fact I already have uploaded one of them.

It's kind of sad how little time I have to do these things compared to so long ago, but the enthusiasm never really went away.


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2015-10-27 00:09:35

Damn bro, you scored Daily 2nd and 3rd in the same day?! Whoo-hooo! Also glad you finally uploaded some art, wonder which lucky guy or gal will be the one to scout you for the art portal :) Actually, you should be able to accept a scout from more than one person, just keep clicking accept!

DragoonFenix15 responds:

We'll see! The scouting system is not something I was expecting to encounter... I await my fate!


2015-10-27 00:49:03

Really? I thought all us old timers knew you need at least 4 polished pieces on file to be considered for scouting. I voted yes (dunno if it has any effect)... but I'm not scouted, so I can't scout you :(

I got scouted for the audio portal recently, and on the main audio portal page, there's a pod way down on the left, there's 2 links that allow me to see lists of unscouted audio submissions or artists! Pretty neat, I imagine it's similar for the art portal as well.


2016-12-21 15:18:21

When is there a new Heat Man sprite cartoon coming out?????


2017-02-12 23:11:52

I know this is irrelevant but I noticed that your username is based on starcraft, which is a classic.