I really am back!

2013-01-25 04:26:41 by DragoonFenix15

Well, I was a LITTLE late compared to what I said in my last mysterious post, but here I am. You can expect fun little shorts and animated gags from me on at least a monthly basis - some parody, some original. I'll be doing this in my spare time on weeknights and weekends, so I'll have to keep them INDECENTLY short until I either get -really- fast or movie-making magically turns into my full time job one day. Boy, that would be a dream come true.

You can consider this my first steps towards that life.

I'll make this 10 year wait worth it! Might not be now, but it will be as I get more and more of these in.
I highly suggest you check out "Arachnotorious" which I just submitted before making this post. I wrote more about what's up with me there.


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2013-01-25 06:13:56

Th fuck.... I remember you, you did Heat Man and other sprite stuffs! Damn I feel old now.
Glad you're back! Good to know the creativity bug you had didn't go into remission :)


2013-01-25 18:20:08

It's great to see you back and better than before.


2013-01-25 18:43:15

I was a fan before you came back!


2014-02-03 19:27:22

Well, well, well... I never thought YOU'D come back after such a long time. Only accidentally read thsi message as I don't come in to see your movies that often. But I vote a "5" on all the Heat mans when I do. :)

^_^ Hey, I'm the guy you told me about the boomer-biter thing you was gonna do with cut man remember?

BTW, if you didn't read my mail I made an intro movie to your heat man serie on youtube. You'll find it as Heat-man opening theme by Cellgames2006.


2014-03-15 12:37:13

Question... Do you remember that Rokémon thing you did? Well it gave me an idea, and I believe the concept could be re-used and maybe even improved into something even better, be it sprites or sprite-like drawinfs.

I'm not sure if you're still here or even interested, but if you are, I'd like to tell you more about the idea your awesome (and kinda random, but in a funny way) animation.