Entry #1

(Pssst!) I'm alive and stirring!

2012-01-30 02:39:19 by DragoonFenix15

Did you know it's been over ten years since I made this account? Well, I don't know if anyone will read this or even see it, but for those that do - I'm gonna be making a big comeback later this year.

Just thought someone might want to know! I'm really happy to see people still enjoy my old flicks. I hope the new things I'm about to unleash are even better for everyone.


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2012-02-03 18:56:11

Rokémon Two, I knew you'd come eventually. :P


2012-02-18 11:13:12

I remember watching your flash back in middle school, it was awesome! Would love to see more.
I assume you've finished art school by now?


2012-02-19 09:54:57

can you help me make a movie please


2012-02-28 19:36:39

I can't wait!
Rokemon was the first movie I ever reviewed when I joined in '04.


2012-03-02 04:10:41

im waiting for rokemon 2 been waiting since middle school as well :)


2012-03-28 18:52:22

AWESOME MAN! Yours were the first flash I've seen here on NG when I was still 7 or something, come back!


2012-03-29 18:24:08

FENIX! you're alive! i cant wait for rokemon 2 it's been way too long! you're rokemon flash still remains thebest in my book.


2012-05-01 02:56:33

is that big comeback gonna be rokemon 2? please say it is, ive been looking forward to it!


2012-05-02 15:57:31

Holy shit man, I can't wait.


2012-05-11 16:19:45

the rokemon movie was your best work, hope to see more from you in the future


2012-05-12 22:24:16

Well don't that beat all? You're still around, huh? Not necessarily active, but around. Eh, that's good enough for me. Ha hah!


2012-06-29 17:03:42

I've been into your stuff since before I knew about newgrounds, so I'm excited about the comeback. Good luck.


2012-07-07 20:52:07

Only people stuck in the past will be begging for a Rokémon! 2. If that's his plan then that's his plan, but don't be beggars. The first one was good enough. No sequel is necessary (Though it would be kinda cool, admittedly). Me, I'm happy no matter how you come back. or whatever you end up making, as long as its quality work.


2012-09-07 22:55:14

It's great to have you back, and I hope you don't die on us before you make your big comeback.


2012-10-20 22:15:33

For the record I check on your account periodically, and the year's almost over so get it in gear. I think yours were my very first flash videos.


2012-12-01 11:52:20

You... are still around? ;D